Almost 7,000 kilometres on an old Honda XR600R off-road motorbike which costs €500. That will be my challenge in February 2014. A dream I have for years will now become reality.

The Amsterdam – Dakar Challenge runs through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania to Dakar in Senegal. It is not a race, as covering 7,000 kilometres with these cheap vehicles is hard enough already. Several teams will engage in this challenge, although most of them will use cars. Riding a bike instead will come with its disadvantages  but – hopefully – increases the degree of adventure and excitement. Whatever the outcome, it provides me with some everlasting stories and memories.

About me

Recently graduated from my masters in Supply Chain Management, getting a job wasn’t an activity I was really looking forward to. The time I spent in Warwick as part of my study taught me some valuable lessons; opportunities are limitless and one should pursuit his dreams. A motorcycle adventure like this was on my mind for years. It is now the moment to act and put things into practice.

The bike

For this trip, I purchased a 24-year old Honda XR600R motorcycle. It requires some maintenance and preparation but in general it is a good bike. With some new parts, small modifications and extra large fuel tank, it will be the perfect machine for the challenge. Eight years ago I owned a smaller version of this bike; probably the idea of this trip was in the back of my head already.

Brommer en motor

Donations and sponsors

Several people and companies support me during my trip and contribute to it by making donations. I am very grateful for that. Do you also want to make a donation? Send me an email and I will get in touch.

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